Anonymous: I want to fuck u but I date this guy /girl

dont cheat.

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Eyjafjallajökull by (Jon Vidar)
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Anonymous: I would glad show you how to go down on a girl by going down on you ;) if only mmmmm, oh the wonders

oh i know what to do i want to do it so fucking badly. i prefer that to choking on some dick.

Anonymous: People gotta stop asking u the same shit we all know u like bitches but have u ever gone down on a bitch like fuck ask some shit like that

no i havent but only because i haven’t had the opportunity. I don’t know what to do when it comes to girls im too intimidated by most bi/lesbian girls /:

Anonymous: Wait like you would date a girl?

yes. to be honest im kinda leaning towards limiting my love life to just girls because men are pieces of shit most of the time.

Anonymous: Had your parents ever found you drunk before?


Anonymous: Gosh I wish you liked girls

i do

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Anonymous: Wanna hook up

come off anon

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